bowie, ziggie and black holes

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lurking in the shadows of Arts Club, wsb picks up bowie, short cut thru’ the scissors of St James Park =/= paul morley bio :: ART IMITATES LIFE

scriptural audacity , erotic virus and the daughters of the revolution

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1984 = nice text incest with no mention of the shooting which is good … later feminist writers would not touch WSB even with barge pole … irony current with obsession pronouns … reminds me of Skarbek Korzybski and he only looked at a/the …. see the dictum is “The map is not the territory

BASILISK fighting amongst themselves

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no wonder WSB did not figure much in this ==

scream surprised recognition UG-UGLY

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You Got to Burn to Shine by John Giorno, New York: High Risk Books 1994, Foreword by Burroughs =


TIME FLASHES dreame mechine

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lennie, bill and the beat-beats

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Expats’ Chicago: London, 1968 
by Charles Marowitz

The Chicago Conspiracy

 it was cast with expatriate Americans who had run afoul of the authorities and were now living and working in London. These included Carl Foreman, the screenwriter (“Guns of Navarone,” etc.), Larry Adler (the virtuoso harmonica player), Donald Ogden Stewart (playwright, “The Philadelphia Story”), Larry Gelbart (stage, screen, and TV writer, M*A*S*H, etc.).

In the role of the petulant Judge Julius Hoffman, I cast William S. Burroughs, who had been a libertarian as long as he had been a drug addict. Burroughs was an excellent cast member who approached the entire project with a diligent austerity. He was an eerie and imperturbable presence throughout rehearsals and I found the actor-defendants as intimidated by him as if he had been the icy-hearted presiding judge himself, but in his case it was the literary reputation that was so awesome. In fact, Burroughs was gentle and unassuming; he submerged the character with a dry wit which was simultaneously spooky and hilarious. Having been a defendant himself when embroiled in his own trial for accidentally shooting and killing his common-law wife Joan Vollmer, Burroughs understood instinctively the ambivalence that engulfed a federal prosecution.

As audience members entered the theatre, they were brusquely frisked by actors dressed as US policemen, and every manifestation of contempt or support was firmly gaveled down by the upright judge. As the defendants repeated the testimonies of those arraigned on the charge of conspiracy, the ludicrousness of the proceedings became more and more apparent. Being a travesty of justice, it inspired what most travesties do: peals of derisive laughter.

faithfull less junkie reads NL bug

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Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull (born 29 December 1946) is an English singer, songwriter and actress.  she got the burroughs bug from Anita Pallenberg = and decided to be a street junky whilst in Bahia (brazil) watching SANTERIA folk dance =

inside/outside CLEAR A BIT sci-t0-gy

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in ten hours of E-Meter = ten ytears on psych-couch

JUNK JUNKY double cross LIAR dalrymple

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Theodore Dalrymple = Junk Medicine: Doctors, Lies and the Addiction Bureaucracy // 2007. 

blimey!! even Jed RealityStudio avoids this book =

gates asunder // know-nothing beats

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before the storming of the capitol, there were the beatniks == nice book about itself before solipsism was a rude word == i wonder what “the lord of the flies” would have been like if written by Bill