TIME revived

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thanks to Raphaël Haudidier for this jan 22nd  2020 …  = note no date in my letter to bill but i guess it is c. 1972 = i had forgotten this letter …. seems to pre-date my publication of Acamady series…

“Writing my thesis and going through the pictures I took at Burroughs’ archives in New York last year, I came across a letter you sent him following the bootlegged edition of TIME, thought you might be happy to see it.”

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burgess, burroughs and splatter

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amusing foot-note about Burgess and the Beats, the flowering of evil, dead-end cut-ups and the dandyism of Dada. i must track down TR no 34 1969 “I wish my wife was dead”….

no pics just wordsandrhythm

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no photos by ginsberg = shakespeare book shop 2019 paris = cut-up#s

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1 Octobre @60


POP origin of the word SOFT MACHINE

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i guess this is the definitive source for the origin of the pop group’s name …

mike ratledge had even stayed in NY in 1964 with WSB …

wsb books by nina 2015 == INCLUDE ME OUT OF YOUR WE

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