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Powerfully influenced by William S. Borroughs, who John Upton had met in Morocco, John Upton experimented with LSD and likely with mushrooms in magical ritual contexts, both entering and then evoking for us the faery-realms and witch-transformations spoken of by Isobel Gowdie and others ==


The ALBION  Sketchbooks and the Ayrshire Wica


John Upton (1933-2005)

Introduced by Melissa Seims
& Dr. John Callow


WSB link Clay Wilson via comix nov 2008

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hello to hell on halloween =

GUNS ON burroughs

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miles quoting in banana no. 1 , copied from

The Happy Hypocrite: Linguistic Hardcore Issue 1: For and About Experimental Art Writing: Linguistic Hardcore Pt. 1 51dAufETw5L

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altered states+$=

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PAGE 168 pic of wsb + ag = not sure that the text about heroin reflects the reality but i guess author james hughes was on drugs when he wrote it….

voices underground 1961-71

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Dutch Schultz: the missing words

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WSB’s work “THE LAST WORDS OF DUTCH SCHULTZ” is based on the last words uttered by the jew gangster/numbers-racketeer Arthur Flegenheimer, 33-year-old, after he was killed in a bungled hit by either an unknown  rival gangster or by a hit man paid for by his wife …. in the can of the Palace Chop House in Newark NY … at 10.30 pm on Wednesday October 23th 1935 …

In the Cape Goliard Press edition in 1970 , there is a transcript (pages 75-81) based on what the “police stenographer (F. J. Lang) at his bedside took down everything Dutch said, about 1,200 words.”

In “KILL THE DUTCHMAN!” by Paul Sann (1971, Arlington House) there is a full transcript. (see pics) and in later reprint (1991) the preface mentions WSB. (p.s. Bill explains that “Kim” is a reference to the book by Kipling….)

In “DUTCH SCHULTZ” by Ted Addy (1962) there is a summary (pages 162 – 167 Belmont Tower Books edition 1973) ) of that in which there are more details including that the trigger man was in fact Charley “The Bug” Workman … and that Dutch (a bad Jew) was given a death-bed baptism conversion into the Roman Catholic faith as “he needed all the luck he could get.”


note: i have not cross-checked this stuff with any of the bio’s or web-sites …

nor have i done a word count between the full transcript by Paul Sann and the abridged (it seems to me) version by WSB ….

type writing

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this try one too =  magic machine

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