WSB thru portal of Calvinistic Methodist Chapel in Brecon 1961

bill thru the portal

bill thru the portal

WSB thru portal of Calvinistic Methodist Chapel in Brecon 1961

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A Brecon Street Scene

and its link to the ‘Beat Generation’

by John Ball, August 2014


Residents and visitors in Brecon will recognise at once that this is the entry to Bethel Square off Lion Street, the square that was once the site of Bethel Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (now Boots the Chemist). Originally the archway was the entry to the historic Golden Lion Inn, a coaching inn where guests could disembark under the arch and out of the weather.BCL Company advert


“The next photo on the film strip has Burroughs standing inside the arch. The wall behind him is covered in chalked graffiti. A few years later, in 1965, a section of this photo was used on the cover of an important and seminal LP of readings by Burroughs. Published by a bookshop in Paris, the LP has no information about the photo other than the wrongly spelled credit: Photo by Harriet Crowder. The graffiti is indistinct and foreign.William Burroughs The photo could easily have been taken under a bridge over the Seine. This was probably intentional – the work Burroughs is reading on the LP is very ‘low-life’, mono, b/w, ‘underneath the arches’ and “nostalgie de boue”. There are photos of Burroughs in Paris at the time that carry these same characteristics but, for whatever reason, they were not called upon. Not enough detail or perhaps too much. Instead we have some Brecon teenagers’ scrawls embellishing a self-exiled American’s cranky surreal sci-fi prophesies.


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